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When I Play Super Meat Boy

I never let go of the run button

I sit 8 inches closer to the screen

I use a keyboard (because I am an idiot)

I chew my bottom lip

I swear constantly

I laugh constantly

I do trigonometry and calculus at the speed of light

I spend half the time on autopilot

I savor the squishy wet slap of my run

I get sick of ‘Princess in Another Castle’ jokes

I stay up till 4:00 AM

I sometimes wonder if I should be doing something better with my time

I use Jill (of Mighty Jill Off fame) whenever I can

My pinkie hurts

My eyes hurt

I get sick of all the retro-fetish

I rage quit.


When I’m not playing Super Meat Boy I kinda sorta feel like playing Super Meat Boy


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